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Hello! What can I tell you about myself...


I currently live in Los Alamos, New Mexico with my wonderful family and sweet dogs, Bruno and Colby. 


I grew up in a very creative environment in northern Illinois. My family included artists, actors, architects, and a particularly famous writer (Robert Louis Stevenson). Ever hear of Treasure Island?!?


Early on in life I studied art, worked for an architectural firm, designed custom furniture, staged homes and in 1991 started my interior design business. As my business evolved, I wanted to include real estate.

I became a realtor in 2018 joining forces with Paula Glover. We created the GloverFox Team and have not looked back since. In 2021 we purchase our own franchise - New Mexico Real Estate Group Los Alamos.


I feel like I'm livin' the dream helping others bring their dream to life.

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